Introducing The Most Advanced Amazon Keyword and BSR Tracker Available…

Because You NEED To Know What Your Current Tracker Is Not Telling You!


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What Is So Special About Z9Tracker?

1. Track Keywords and BSR Up To Every Hour!

Get Keyword and BSR data up to every hour to easily correlate keyword movement to BSR movement and supercharge your optimization and promotions focusing only on the keywords that impact your product the most:

2. Track Keywords in Multiple Categories!

The Amazon auto-shift from ‘all departments’ to deeper categories for specific keyword searches literally makes other trackers useless to you. This is because they only focus on all department ranking. Z9Tracker is the only option available to track your keywords in multiple categories to which your product is assigned in Amazon.

3. Use Annotations to Track Optimizations and Promotions

With unlimited annotations, you can track promotions, listing changes, back end data updates, price change, best seller badge acquisition, or anything else for that matter. And with the ability to see these annotations throughout all of your data views, you will easily be able to correlate keyword and BSR impact as a result of your promotions and listing changes or optimizations.

4. Best Seller Ranking Overlay

With your BSR being tracked at higher frequency, what good is it if you can’t easily draw the connection between BSR movement and keyword ranking? In Z9Tracker, the BSR track is overlaid on every keyword ranking graph! Now you will always know exactly how a drop or increase in keyword ranking position affects your BSR in an easy to digest format.

5. Infinite Timelines Built for Keyword and Data Retention

So, you pay for the tracking data, but you don’t get to view it even if you are still paying your subscription? Not with Z9Tracker! As long as your subscription remains active and you don’t delete the product or keyword, you will have access to all the tracked data on your products to sort and analyze to your heart’s content.

6. Compare Keywords View

Want to view multiple keywords, in multiple categories, with annotations and BSR overlay all in the same graph? No problem… Just pick up to 5 keywords and select Compare Selected Keywords from the actions drop down menu and you are off to data analysis heaven! Once you are in this view, you can toggle any data point on and off to remove any clutter that you deem unimportant as you analyze.

7. Graph Keywords View

Want to see all your keywords at the same time without having to open each one individually into a graph? We’ve got you covered there, too. Select the keywords you want to view and click Graph Selected Keywords to see them all, stacked on top of each other for easy scrolling analysis. You will also have the benefit of BSR overlay and Annotations in this view as well.

And So Much More…

Z9Tracker is far above any other tracker on the market simply because it pays attention to detail and focuses on being the best Amazon listing keyword and BSR tracker. Even little things like intuitive database filtering from a product level and keyword level is available to you, making your analysis smooth and efficient.

With more features such as nodal and subcategory tracking, keyword/BSR alerts, automated keyword to BSR correlation for suggested promotions, and more, you can rest assured you are in the right place for innovative upgrades to Z9Tracker and additional software solutions that focus on benefiting you as an Amazon seller.

The Bottom Line . . .

When you know the precise optimization structure and keyword promotion strategy that influences your BSR and increases your product’s exposure the most, you save a lot of time and money on your way to increased profitability.

With Z9Tracker, you can make these hyper focused, intelligent promotional and optimization decisions using the high-level data correlation that no other tracker or Amazon seller tool is capable of. Take advantage of Z9Tracker and use it to guide your listing in the right direction without wondering whether your efforts will improve sales or if you’re wasting money on promotional spending.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in for a free 3 day trial on a Basic Subscription to see if Z9Tracker is right for you while we are still at Beta Pricing. We believe you will love it!

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can do so by clicking the link below, then navigate to the support link at the top right of the next page. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you on the inside of Z9Tracker!